31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 5


Today’s post is: Five Songs I Love Right Now.

These are songs I have on my playlist and I love them. Some are older, some aren’t so old, but they’re songs I keep coming back to again and again.

Greece 2000 by Three Drives

This is a proper club anthem. I’m big into dance music – I was in my late teens during the era of the superclub (Gatecrasher, Cream, Ministry of Sound and all that) and this is a perfect example of the kind of music those clubs played. I have some good memories of those days.

Elan by Nightwish

By far my favourite of the newer Nightwish songs. I have been a fan of Nightwish for years and years, and when they got Floor Jansen as their vocalist, I was like ‘oh hey there, awesome’ because I loved After Forever (her old band) and I am also digging her new stuff with Northward.

Speaking of Northward…

While Love Died by Northward

This is a great driving song. I can’t wait to have a proper long cruise along an open road so I can blast this out. I also need to get a freakin’ iTunes card so I can download the whole album, I only had enough credit for this song. Bah!

Enter Sandman by Metallica

I have to explain this one? My favourite Metallica song. Nuff said, right?

Problem by Ariana Grande

You’re probably going ‘excuse me, what?’ given that the other songs on this list are metally or dance music. But I loooove this song. I love Ariana Grande’s voice, I love the rap bit (YAAS IGGY) and the bassline is… well, it’s a speaker destroyer. It can literally make my car shake. I had it up a bit loud at a set of traffic lights the other day and the guy next to me looked over and was like ‘dude, wtf?’. I don’t care. I adore this song!


What are some of your favourite songs, readers? Tell me in the comments!



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