31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7


Today’s topic is: My Pet Peeves

*cracks knuckles* I’ve been waiting for this one. Let the ranting commence.

People who don’t drive the speed limit

Alright, listen up. You people know who you are. I’m not talking about speeders – those guys are universally idiots, and riding my ass in a 30 limit is not going to push me into breaking the limit. I’m talking about you morons who don’t even do the posted speed limit. 30 in a 60? Are you blind or just stupid?

There’s a long road I commute on daily. The speed limit goes: 40-60-50-40, for about a mile of each speed limit. The past week, I have been stuck behind several people who haven’t sped up to 60. This is an open road with good visibility. The sign for the national speed limit (60) is clearly posted. You cannot miss it.

And then there’s the omni-speeder. I’m talking about those people who do 35 in every single speed limit. So you’re pulling away from me in a 30 but I then catch up to you and have to sit behind you in anything higher than 30? Thanks, dude. Just drive the speed limit. Unless conditions dictate otherwise, obviously, then you drive to the conditions. That’s sensible.

People who put things on the edge of tables or worktops

Don’t. It will make me dive towards the cup screaming ‘EDGE!’ and push whatever it is further onto the table. It makes me so nervous. Please put your plate or cup fully on the table away from the edge where it can fall. Please. For my own sanity. Just do it.

People who talk during a film or tv show then look at it and ask you ‘what’s going on?’

Oh my god, this annoys me so much. My family does this a lot – if I’ve got something on the telly, they’ll come in and start talking to me, then look at the telly and ask ‘what’s going on?’ ‘what’s she cooking?’ and I’ll be like ‘I don’t know, you were talking’. Like seriously, I missed as much as you did because you were talking at me. Either pay attention to the telly or don’t ask me what’s going on because I know as much as you do.

And also people who whisper during films to point out something I can clearly see happening on the screen. I have got eyes. I saw the same thing you did.

People who think they’re an expert at everything

These people, I just want to chuck something heavy at. I have met several people recently who seem to think they’re experts at things they genuinely have no clue about. Photography, for one. Have you ever done a photography class? No. Have I? Yes. Writing, for another. Have you ever had an article published in a magazine. No. Have I? Yes. Fashion. Car maintenance. You name it, I’ll encounter someone who thinks they know everything about it. The fashion one is the one that annoys me the most. One article you read in a tabloid paper does not an expert on fashion make you.


There are more, but I could go on for posts and posts and posts about this. I’ll leave it there!



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