31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8

Today’s post is: What’s in my handbag?

I’ve posted about this before, but seeing as this is on the challenge list, let’s go through it again.

I’ve attempted an arty photo of my handbag, but I’m not sure it worked. Not all contents are visible! Anyway, the contents of this bag are:

  • Radley purse – a Christmas gift from my mother, there’s no other way I can afford a Radley purse. It’s in ink blue and it’s really rather lovely. This is my ‘main’ purse – it holds my cards, my driving licence, library card and bank notes.
  • Pusheen purse – this is my change purse. The Radley purse has a tiny pocket for change and given the amount of coins I seem to get, I have a separate change purse. I got this from Claire’s Accessories. I also have a bit of a Pusheen problem, so it’s only logical that I have a purse.
  • Totoro shopping purse – I got this at MCM Expo a few years ago, and it’s where I keep my money for shopping. ‘Shopping’ being food, in this case. If I know exactly how much I’ve got for food I won’t overspend on crap I don’t need.
  • Three sets of keys – house, work and car. Hidden in the depths!
  • Makeup bag – actually full of painkillers, spare pants and sanitary pads.
  • Lipsticks, various – because sometimes I can’t decide what colour to wear.
  • Tissues – obviously.
  • Umbrella – because I live in England.
  • Fan – I tend to overheat really easily, so I keep a fan on me to cool down. Fan is often very much appreciated by others, especially when stuck on a packed commuter train.
  • Diary – this year I decided to go for the blingiest, most obnoxiously-coloured diary I could find. I succeeded. I like a bigger diary because I have big writing.
  • iPhone – not shown, because I was taking the photo on it. I’ve got an 8 Plus. I like a big phone.
  • Brunch bar – I live off these on a day out. The one I like best is oat and raisin. They’re one of the very few nut-free cereal bars out there, and they give a nice little energy kick when I’m flagging. Normally there’s two of these in my bag but I ate one, obviously.

The bag itself is my ever faithful Love Moschino bag. It’s getting on in age, and is a little tatty, but until I can afford to replace it, I will continue to use it.

This post also made me clean out my bag of things like petrol receipts, expired Nectar card vouchers and Brunch bar wrappers. Maybe I should do one of these posts every few months…

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