31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9


Day 9’s post is: My worst habits

Not taking my dishes down to the kitchen when I’m done eating

I’m staring at a plate I need to take downstairs as I’m typing this. I tend to eat in my room, and I often get distracted by other things after I’ve been eating, so I don’t take my dishes down. Mum or my aunt often come upstairs and take my plate with an exasperated expression on their face. I do bring the dishes down eventually, just maybe not when the washing up was happening…

Forgetting to brush my teeth

I don’t do this often. But sometimes when I’m super-tired or my crohns is acting up, I don’t brush my teeth at night. I always brush them in the morning – I don’t feel awake if I don’t brush them. Also waking up with a fluffy feeling in my mouth is gross. So it’s just the odd nightly brush I miss. I never miss more than one. It’s just nasty.

Not planning my work lunches

Okay, some days we’re all guilty of this. But as someone who has to eat a restricted diet anyway because of a medical condition, I really ought to be planning my meals better, especially when I’m going to work. I’ve lucked out with my current job because there’s a really nice cafe on the business park that does food that’s me-safe, but I still prefer to make my own lunch where I can. Mostly because it’s expensive to buy every day, and I can’t really afford that. Some weeks though, I just can’t be bothered.

Not getting my car washed

Any car I own is lucky to get a bath every six months. I’m a horrible person, what can I say? Now I’ve got a metallic paint car though, I’m going to have to keep it clean or it will look like crap. Must must must get her washed more than twice a year. Must.

Ghosting people

Mostly recruiters, lately, but if someone’s ticked me off enough I will just… stop speaking to them. I’ve started ghosting recruiters because hey, I’ve found a job I like and for some reason me emailing you and saying ‘HELLO I HAVE FOUND A NEW JOB PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME’ just makes you keep emailing and calling me. I’ve taken ‘actively looking’ off my LinkedIn. I’ve changed my settings on Indeed and CV Library. So please. Stop. Calling. Me. I like my job. I don’t want a new one.


I’m pretty pleased that none of my bad habits are that gross. I’m not a nail biter or a non-hand washer or anything like that. Sure, I’m not perfect, but I think the five above are my worst habits. What are yours, readers? Keep it non-gross if you can!

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