31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 12


Today’s post is: A typical day in my life

I’ve broken this down by time stamps, if you will, because my days are very regimented and follow a pattern.

06.00 – wake up. Feed cat. Clean litter box.

06.15 – breakfast while kitty is eating.

06.30 – back to bed for kitty cuddles before having to get up for work.

07.15 – get up, get ready for work, wish I’d chosen my work outfit the previous night.

07.30 – apply makeup. Stand too close to mirror and poke self in eye with mascara wand (usually a daily occurrence).

07.50 – leave for work.

08.05 – arrive at back of queue between Whitmoor Lane and Salt Box Road junctions. Get comfy, because I’m going to be there a while.

08.20 – park up at work. Go on Pinterest and mess around until it’s time to go into the office.

08.50 – enter office. Forget alarm code if nobody else there. Remember alarm code just as alarm is about to scream bloody murder at me.

09.00 – work commences.

10.15 – coffee van arrives. Agonise over what drink I want, if any. Also consider prospect of sausage roll or bacon bap for a second breakfast.

10.25 – wish I’d picked a drink and snack because what my colleagues have smells amazing.

12.30 – LUNCHTIME!

13.30 – back to work.

16.59 – stare at office phone as it rings and wonder who the heck thinks ringing at one minute to five is a good idea.

17.01 – 17.22 – repeat above action, and wonder why in the bibbling hell these people couldn’t have rung earlier because all the people who can help them have already left for the day…

17.30 – leave work. Negotiate crowds of ‘cool’ local kids and teenagers screaming ‘YEET’ as they attempt to do tricks on their bicycles.

17.35 – briefly consider flattening local child who refuses to move out of way as I’m leaving the car park. Of course never would, but will still rev threateningly at them until they move.

17.55 – arrive home to sleepy cat. Dispense tummy rubs.

18.15 – Make dinner whilst being stared at intently by cat.

18.45-ish – Eat dinner, still whilst being stared at by cat.

19.00 – Watch reruns of GBBO. Cat will get bored and fall asleep.

20.00 – last feed of the day for kitty. More snuggles until bed time.

21.00 – bed time. Remove makeup, brush teeth.

23.00 – finally fall asleep to the background noise of whatever is on Food Network.


Weekends follow a similar routine although I tend to just go back to bed after the cat has been fed and not get up until about 9am!

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