31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 13

Today’s post is: What’s in my fridge?

See photo.

No, seriously, I wouldn’t just leave a post at that! My fridge is mostly full of ingredients and prepped food for the week ahead. Having Crohn’s means that I have to be very careful of what I eat, so on Sundays my mum goes on a massive cooking spree and makes food for us both for the week ahead. This photo is the fridge after a typical Sunday spree.

This week things we’ve got include:

  • Cauliflower soup
  • Sausage rolls
  • Houmous (or however you spell it)
  • Carrot sticks
  • Salmon and cream cheese pinwheels (little protein wheels, gotta love these)
  • Ham and cream cheese pinwheels (again, more protein!)
  • Leftover stew

There’s also the usual things like butter, margarine, eggs, mayonnaise, mustard and those mysterious condiments that are technically not past their use by date but nobody really knows when they were opened. We operate on a ‘sniff and cautiously taste’ system if we can’t remember when we opened something. We do also have a Sharpie that technically is for writing what date we opened something on the bottle or jar… but that rarely happens.

We do have a second fridge. This is mostly full of milk, eggs, veggies that won’t fit in the big fridge and of course, wine and beer. Important things live in the second fridge. Like… very important things. It’s where we keep the prosecco.

Sadly this fridge will soon be no more. We’re having a major refit of the kitchen and this fridge is being replaced by one of those giant American-style fridges. The little fridge in the garage is going too, and the intention is to merge the contents of the fridges into one big one. Hopefully.

There’s nothing too icky in this fridge (we do clean it out regularly) so I’m quite happy to show you guys what’s inside. What’s in your fridge?


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