31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 14


Today’s post is: If I won the lottery I would…

I write this moments after my mum told me I won £7.80 on my Euromillions ticket this week, so yay. It’s not actual millions, but I’ve worked out what I would do if I won megabucks.

Pay off my debts

I would buy my car outright and pay off what’s left on my credit card. Then I’d pay off my student loan. A clean slate is something I dream about. I’ve not go much left on my card, but the student loan is about… £11,000… still left or something. It would be nice to get it paid off.

Give some money to my family

I wouldn’t be greedy. I would split the cash with my family, enough so everyone could have their own house and the car they wanted to drive. Goes without saying I’d buy my own place, but it wouldn’t be some lavish mansion. A nice little cottage somewhere rural with a nice garden where I can grow vegetables, and where my pets can roam and have a nice time.

Give some to charity

I’d find out which Air Ambulance was struggling the most for donations and buy them a totally pimped out medical helicopter. That’s millions, and we’re talking a win of millions here. And I’d give our local hospice a huge donation as well, so they could buy anything they needed.

Get my nose fixed up

This is a bit vain. My nose got bumped years ago after I fell from a horse, and I’ve always hated the bump the fall left in the middle of my nose. I’d get that straightened out, purely because I know my nose isn’t meant to be that shape!

Buy something from Chanel

Not ‘something’, actually. I know exactly what I’d buy, and that would be an iconic Chanel tweed suit. That would be the dream, and it would fulfil me.

Bankroll a BTCC team…

One of my favourite teams went under this year, and if I had the cash, I’d buy them and bring them back with all the same staff and drivers that must have lost their jobs when the team folded. Failing that…

…or set up my own team for the girls!

Motor sport is still very male dominated, but if I could, I’d get a BTCC team filled with talented women drivers. And we’d have enough money to be up at the front of that grid and embarrassing the big boys in our powder blue cars. I’m not sure what we’d run (probably past season Honda Civics or BMWs, they handle the ballast rules of BTCC best in my opinion) but we’d be up there. I’d make sure of it. I already have a driver lineup in my head for if this ever happened. Oh, I can dream!


So that’s what I’d do if I won the lottery. Like… a huge win. You’d need millions and millions to do what I’d like to, but hey, we are dreaming here, aren’t we? What would you do, readers?

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