31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 15

Today’s post is: My Bucket List

Accompanied by a photo of Fashion Cat being all sinister, because reasons.

My bucket list is quite simple, really. So here we go.

Ride a horse across the dunes in Dubai

I haven’t ridden a horse since 2008 but you never forget how to ride, so I’d love to jump on a horse and canter across the dunes near Dubai. It would have to be a proper Arabian horse as well, in traditional tack. We’re going to do this properly, or not at all.

First of all I need to renew my passport, or I won’t be going anywhere, never mind Dubai.

Have a professional cooking lesson

I’m not a bad cook. I can feed myself and the fam, but anything that’s vaguely complicated like demi glace and whatnot just… it bamboozles me. I’d love to learn some skills and techniques beyond what I can do on the daily, because some of that cheffy stuff is sorcery.

Go to the top of The Shard

This one is actually kind of possible. There is a high viewing platform up on The Shard. The problem is that I’d be sh*tting bricks about being up that high. People think this is ironic coming from the girl who once lay on the glass floor of the CN Tower and called her classmates wimps for not doing the same thing. I was 17, we’re all stupid at that age. So yeah, I need to get my head back into that mindset I had in Canada and just… do the platform. It’s not that high.

See Nightwish in concert… in Finland

Again, passport! I’ve seen them before here in the UK but I think seeing them in Helsinki or somewhere would be amazing.

Go on a foodie tour of Antwerp

This. THIS. This idea came about after watching an episode of City Bakes on Food Network. I had no idea Antwerp was such a foodie paradise. I need to spend a few days there eating myself silly.

And speaking of food…

…make a pizza in a proper brick oven

You know those giant ovens that some Italian restaurants have? Yeah. I’d love to make a pizza to cook in one of those. Obviously I’ve made pizza from scratch in a regular oven but brick oven pizza is on another level. Please. I would love to do this!

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