31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 17

Day 17’s post is: what do you wish you were better at?

I wish I was better at makeup.

I can do a decent full face on the daily – primer, foundation, powder, blush etc – but anything creatively different or complex, I’m not so good at.

Sure, I watch makeup tutorials. I know how to do a basic smokey eye in most colour ways. I can do the standard ‘darker colour on outside edge’ and whatnot. I can do my eyebrows. I can even do a cut crease.

What I cannot do is winged eyeliner. If I try it looks like a toddler came and drew on my eyelid with a Sharpie. Normal eyeliner, yes, no problem. Winged? Only if I give an hour of my time, lock the cat out of my room and make sure no one else is about. The YouTube crowd make it look so effortless, and I wish I could do it the way they do.

Contour and bronzing is another thing I suck at. I look like there’s mud on my face. I have the right tones and shades for my skintone and brushes in my contour kit, so it’s not that. It’s my application technique.

I can do highlighter. Being of fair complexion, I like an icy highlight. Icy highlights can look grey and kind of weird, so I made sure to perfect that. It helps that the one I use is a very forgiving shade of ice blue that can blend with other tones if I really mess it up.

So yes. I would like to be better at makeup. Just so I can do a full face one day when I go out, look in any mirror and think ‘damn’. I’m vain anyway. Why not get to the top of the vanity game by perfecting my techniques?

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