31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 19


Today’s post is: What do I collect?

I don’t really collect anything! If pushed I’d say I collect books, but I’m a bookworm anyway and if I want to read something, I’ll get it, so it’s not really collecting in the traditional sense of the word. I do have a lot of fashion books, a sub-collection within the main book collection, I suppose, but no, I don’t collect stamps or anything like that.

I used to be a collector. I used to collect Transformers and My Little Pony toys, but this stopped in 2013 when I got sick and underwent a huge life evaluation. While lying in bed feeling like my world had stopped, I realised that I’d been buying these ridiculous little plastic figures because I needed a security blanket, something to hang on to, and I had, for some reason, chosen the toys of my childhood. So when I was better and did a massive purge of my room, I donated or sold most of them. Some I’ve kept because they’re worth a bit, and I’ll eBay the more unusual and rare ones eventually, but they’re packed up and not taking up shelf real estate in my room anymore. I don’t have much room anyway, I’d rather fill it with useful stuff rather than plastic tat from my childhood.

At least with books they get read, and re-read, so they’re not a waste of money and space (although apparently I have ‘too many’ books and need to ‘go through’ them and ‘get rid’ of some of them – how about no?). Looking around my room now, I can see one thing that’s purely ornamental, without any use, and it’s a statue from Austria that my grandma gave me. So it’s a sentimental thing, I didn’t buy it to get a warm fuzzy feeling from the act of purchase or because I have a weird obsession with the Lindwurm. It was a gift. I get a warm fuzzy feeling because my grandma gave it me.

So no, I don’t really collect. But you can call my bookshelf a collection, if you’d like!

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  1. I used to collect all kinds of things – stickers, strawberry shortcake things, precious moments, etc. I think the only thing that stuck were the books. There are always books.
    My mother and my grandmother used to collect decorative plates and spoons that seems really funny to me now!


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