31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 20


Today’s post is: If I could live anywhere, where would it be and why?


That’s where I’d move to, if I could.

We went there on holiday last year, and we were very, very taken with the place and the surrounding area. To be a stone’s throw from the beauty of Chatsworth, the Peak District and with a major city just a bus ride away was perfection.

In fact, there’s been much discussion at home of moving up to Derbyshire, not necessarily Baslow, when Mum retires. We’ve been looking at potentially moving to somewhere near Bakewell or Buxton. Baslow would be the dream, but budget might not stretch to there. As long as we could get to Pilsey, where the Chatsworth farm shop is, we’re good. And seeing as we both drive, that wouldn’t be a problem!

It’s the general Baslow area that appeals. It’s quieter up there. Life is slower than in Surrey, but you’ve got the bustle of Sheffield and Chesterfield if you’re craving a bit of town life. There’s so much green, so much life in that part of the country. Not that Surrey isn’t green and lively, but it’s… it’s hard to explain. It’s very different up there, and comparing the two is like comparing apples and oranges. They’re both round, but that’s where the similarity ends.

I’m familiar with Sheffield anyway, having lived up there for a good long while, and it’s a city I love. It feels more like a small town, and to have easy access to it again would be wonderful. I still have friends up there so it would be nice to see them more than once a year!

Of course if we won the lottery, we’d bugger off to Baslow tomorrow, if we could. Realistically though, we need to get the house finished (kitchen, garage, utility room and then redecorate the lot) before we can even think about moving. I need to settle into a job (I’ve got my first review coming up this week, so eek!) and get some money behind me, so if we do decide to move to Derbyshire, I won’t be totally broke before I can find a job up there. The dream would be to move up there and spend my days working in the gift shop at Chatsworth or start up my fashion business again.

So watch this space – in a few years, West Surrey Style might become Derbyshire style. You never know!

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