31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 21

thunderstorm-3625405_1280 (1)

(stock photo from Pixabay because this one is so gorgeous y’all need to know where to find it)

Today’s post is: What superpower would you like to have and why?

I’d like to control the weather.

Why? Because I’m done with this wind and rain and random hail for no reason. It’s meant to be spring. Good gravy.

Also if I was feeling particularly vindictive I could send a tiny weeny cloud to follow the people who’ve annoyed me around and rain just specifically on them.

And I could also make snow go away if I had somewhere to be. Yeah. It can snow everywhere else but not where I am and not where I’m going. Snow-be-gone. Sort of like an inverse Elsa.

Plus I’ve always kind of had a Thing for Storm from X-Men so yeah, I’d like to be her, basically.

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