31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 22


(Lundy sunset by meeee!)

Today’s post is: Who has influenced you the most?

This is a difficult one. I’m one of these people who doesn’t get easily ‘influenced’ or ‘inspired’ by people.

I guess then my biggest influence is things I see or read, no matter who they’re written by. There are some exceptions to this rule – there are certain journalists who make me grind my teeth when I see their name on an article, and no matter how interested I am in it, I won’t read it out of principle because it’s them. This is possibly short-sighted of me, but then you shouldn’t have written sh*t in the first place, mate.

So anyway. I will sometimes pick up a magazine or a book and think ‘huh, that’s neat’ and incorporate something from that into my life. Or I’ll watch something on TV and really like a hairstyle one of the characters has, so for a few days I’ll wear my hair like that. But nothing really sticks for long.

I guess I like to just hustle along finding stuff I think is neat. I can’t pin down one thing or one person that’s a massive influence on me. Sorry guys!


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