31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 23


Today’s post is: Three significant memories from my childhood.

Ugh, okay, now you’re asking. I don’t remember a lot from my childhood. If I do, it’s flashes of memory rather than one major thing sticking out to me. So I’ll try!

My classmate Rachael breaking our oven

I was about fifteen when this happened, and all I can remember is she slammed the door too hard after we’d put some chicken nuggets in to cook (we were teenagers in the 90’s, nuggets were a very valid food) and the door fell off its hinges.

We ended up getting a new kitchen. And now literally twenty-three years later, we’re getting another new kitchen because of another broken oven. Weird coincidence, or just proof that as long as appliances work, you don’t really need to update your kitchen?

A junior at my school getting electrocuted in a thunderstorm

I mentioned this in the ‘fears’ post at the start of this challenge – some girl in my school managed to get electrocuted just by turning on a light when her house got struck by lightning. We had a special assembly at school about it and I remember thinking ‘wow, that must have been a crappy way to die’ and I spent a bit too long looking at electrocution in the library (there was nothing like Wikipedia in my school days so I had to go look at books). Yeah. I remember that assembly really clearly.

Being called ‘this girl’ by a teacher at my school

Shows just how insignificant I was at school. Literally every other student was addressed by name but when the teacher got to me I was referred to as ‘this girl’. I think it was when we were auditioning for parts for the Wind In The Willows play – I vaguely remember being a mouse or something. I was never considered to be any good at anything like acting or singing at school because I wasn’t one of the ‘popular kids’. For that read ‘loud and confident’. Introverts never got anywhere at middle school.


There’s a few more memories – I remember chasing a kite across Woolacombe Beach. I remember the first time a horse bucked me off (that hurt). I remember being picked on by girls at my school for my name and a multitude of other things. But they’re just flashes. The three I’ve written about here are longer flashes than the others. I don’t think I’ve suppressed the memories. I’ve just forgotten what happened because it wasn’t important to me. Sometimes Mum will talk about something and I’m like ‘…but I don’t remember’ and she gets really adamant that something happened and I’m sure it did but the fact is that I. Don’t. Remember.

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