31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 25


Today’s post is: Which historical figure would you most like to have dinner with and why?

Always with the hard questions, blog challenge!

I would probably want to sit down with Yves Saint Laurent, if I’m honest. Maybe not the most important person in world history but in fashion history? Yes, definitely. He did so much for fashion, and his legacy lives on in the label that bears his name.

While we’re dreaming, I’d like to add Coco Chanel to the guest list. And Gianni Versace. And Karl Lagerfeld.

You’re seeing a theme here. I’d have one big dinner party of all the great departed fashion designers, just so I could pick their brains about how they designed their collections.

As for the menu, something classically French and super-chic. But not too filling. And with oodles of champagne. That’s important. Very important.

And of course we’d finish off with some tiny, perfectly made chocolates. It would be rude not to!

Who would you have dinner with, readers?

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