31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 27

Today’s post is: favourite part of my body and why (nothing to do with biscuits sadly, I just needed a picture)

I think my favourite part of my body is my eyes. I have always liked my eyes. They’re sort of grey-blue, and I like that I can wear almost any eyeshadow with eyes this colour.

Someone I went to uni with wrote me a poem about my eyes once. He also wrote a poem about me being an avatar for the goddess Nike, but there we go. Strange chap. Anyway, if people are writing poems about my eyes, they must be good, right?

The only thing I don’t like about them is that they are really sensitive. I can’t wear contacts because they make my eyes swell up and go all red. Hayfever time is the worst – I need shares in my preferred brand of eye drops during the summer.

Oh, and I can’t buy super cheap eyeshadows or they make me itch too. Makeup Revolution is about as cheap as I can go because the super budget slightly sketchy formulas make me itch. I dare not try full on pressed pigments. I am too scared!

So yes, I like my eyes best. I love the colour and the shape, but not my sensitivity!

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