31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 28

Today’s post is: what I’m looking forward to in 2019

I’m most looking forward to going to Sheffield again this year. I am spending a week there, so I’ll get enough time to have a good look round the city. There’s also enough time to go up to Leeds, back out to Chatsworth House and have a couple of good days walking in the Peaks.

A lot of people have said that going to Sheffield isn’t a proper holiday. Why? Because I haven’t spent thousands of pounds to sit on a crowded flight then on a too-hot crowded beach with screaming kids in a foreign country and not ever leave the resort to go see the sights. I’ve decided to spent about £250 on a week in a British city that I know and love, with a full itinerary of cheap or free activities.

My biggest expense is my train ticket which will run to about £80. A lot, but no more than I’d spend on petrol and parking.

So that’s what I’m looking forward to. Going back to the Steel City to have a lovely, relaxing week. Fashion Cat is spending that week with Auntie and I will probably be escaping a week of building work at home. Winning!

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Personal stylist, blogger, foodie, cat mummy and petrolhead based in Surrey, UK. Lover of all things local. Crohn's sufferer, Volvo driver, experimental cook and avid reader. Nice to meet you!

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