31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 30

Today’s post is: the meaning behind your blog name.

Nothing to do with Fashion Cat, sadly.

The name ‘West Surrey Style’ came about because it’s where I’m from and what the blog was originally meant to be about.

As any regular reader knows, this blog is nowhere near a style blog – it’s more of a beauty blog, so… I guess it’s more about doing things ‘West Surrey style’.

Or perhaps it’s like Gangnam Style but less cool.

I don’t ever want to change the name because I live in hope that West Surrey Racing (our friendly neighbourhood BTCC team) will somehow fall over me and want to do a collab or ask me to write an article that might be seen by more than ten people one day.

Sigh. Maybe one day.

So yes, that’s the very short story behind my blog name!

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