31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 31

Today’s post is: what have you learned from doing this challenge?

What have I learned? Well, mostly that somehow I can write more than two blog posts a week and it’s really a question of scheduling and spending some of my weekend doing post stuff.

Also planning, because there’s no way I’m going to be able to run this blog without planning. If I can do it for a month, I can do it for forever.

And that for some reason, I seem to attract bots who instantly leap on a post and like it seconds after it’s posted. There are legit likes too, but more often than not at least one like on a post is from a bot.

That’s about it, really. Normal service will be resumed on Tuesday! I have enjoyed the challenge, but I genuinely don’t know how people who post every day can keep it up for longer than a month.

Cuz I’m knackered.

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