31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 31

Today’s post is: what have you learned from doing this challenge?

What have I learned? Well, mostly that somehow I can write more than two blog posts a week and it’s really a question of scheduling and spending some of my weekend doing post stuff.

Also planning, because there’s no way I’m going to be able to run this blog without planning. If I can do it for a month, I can do it for forever.

And that for some reason, I seem to attract bots who instantly leap on a post and like it seconds after it’s posted. There are legit likes too, but more often than not at least one like on a post is from a bot.

That’s about it, really. Normal service will be resumed on Tuesday! I have enjoyed the challenge, but I genuinely don’t know how people who post every day can keep it up for longer than a month.

Cuz I’m knackered.

Published by West Surrey Style

Personal stylist, blogger, foodie, cat mummy and petrolhead based in Surrey, UK. Lover of all things local. Crohn's sufferer, Volvo driver, experimental cook and avid reader. Nice to meet you!

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