Long Term Test Verdict: NYX Hydratouch Primer


Because I fell off my posting schedule, I never posted the verdict on this product which I started testing months ago and should have given my thoughts on ages ago as well.

I like it.

The more I’ve used it, the more I’ve grown to love it. Having dry skin as I do, I’ve found it gives just that little extra hit of moisture where I need it and when I need it.

By no means have I been using this every single day – my skin is a fickle creature, and sometimes this won’t cut it, so I’ll either have to combine it with something or, if my skin is being particularly crummy, use a different primer.

So why won’t the NYX primer do when I’m having a super-bad skin day? Well, it’s not a miracle in a tube. It’s a hydration source, which is why it works best on flaky days. A ‘bad skin day’ for me is when my wrinkles seem deeper than the Grand Canyon, my pores are the surface of the moon and every single acne scar is visible. The NYX primer cannot hide these, but it definitely hydrates me nicely on flaky and dry days. I have to listen to my skin, and sometimes the skin wants hydrating, and sometimes it wants to be a pain in the backside.

And people wonder why I have about four different primers!

But in general, this is a lovely primer. I’m a fan, and as I’m coming to the end of the tube (there was a sad ‘phpfht’ noise when I squeezed it out this morning), I’ll be heading out to town to buy another one soon. It’s a good prep for makeup on dry skin if you need extra after you’ve applied your moisturiser, and I definitely need the extra.

I would recommend this to anyone who gets dry patches and hasn’t already found a hydrating primer that works. I searched for ages before I found this one. It works on its own or with a pore filling primer if you need that too. It’s not harsh on skin, and won’t cost the earth. Give it a try!

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review and my opinions are my own. 


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