New Favourites: Luna by Luna Translucent Powder


Setting powder can be a minefield if you’ve got dry skin. Anyone who suffers with this knows that as soon as a powder product touches the face, there’s the potential for massive clinging and flaking, which isn’t a good look.

Couple that with slightly more mature skin like mine and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

I must have tried a ton of powders, both pressed and loose, over my makeup history. And so far, not one of them had been even close to okay. I always found they were aimed at making everything very matte, and with my age creeping upwards, any attempt at baking my under-eye left me looking crepey and… well, old.

But then this little tub appeared out of a Glossybox. I’d never heard of the brand, but the name instantly grabbed me – hands up if you love Luna Lovegood, people. Ravenclaw’s shining light and the best character in Harry Potter, if you want my opinion.

Anyway, awesome name aside, I thought ‘oooh, okay, let’s give this a try’. I didn’t have much hope at first, to be honest, simply because I’ve had such bad luck with loose powders in the past, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it.


The packaging is a bit of a pest, though. When it came, it had a plastic film over the top of the holes, and could I get it off? No. I had to admit defeat and ask for Mum Help to get it off (she can bench my bodyweight so yeah, Mum is strong).

Once it was off, and I had disposed of the frankly useless little powder puff that came with it, I got into the powder. My first thought was that it is very, very fine – it feels like that super-fine flour that posh pizza restaurants use. It’s really soft as well. Rubbing a little bit between my fingers actually made me go ‘oh wow’ because I hadn’t ever felt a powder so fine before.

I mean I’m sure there are super-fine powders out there elsewhere (and probably very out of my price range), but I had never had one on my dressing table before!

So I started using it, and it’s really very good.

I mostly use it for setting my under-eye concealer. What’s interesting is it reacts differently to the two different concealers I use. With my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, it sets it beautifully and doesn’t crease. With my L’Oreal True Match concealer… well, that’s a different story. It creases, it goes crepey and looks horrible. I suspect this is because the formula of the two concealers is so different – the Collection one is quite thick, the L’Oreal one is very fluid. The L’Oreal one isn’t great anyway, and I suspect it may well have ended up in the bin by the time this post goes up. The reasons why are a whole ‘nother post!


I tend to apply the powder to my under-eye with a teeny tiny Real Techniques sponge. It works best for me like that, I find, and I use a bigger sponge on the rare occasion I need to set my cheeks after applying foundation. It sweeps off with a couple of flicks of a fluffy brush, and if I do use it to set my cheeks, bronzer and blush blend really well on top of it.

This powder isn’t for everyone – there are a fair few negative reviews about it floating around online – but as with any makeup product, it’s all dependent on skin type and also what other products are used with it.

For me, though, it’s become a firm favourite and works very well. I find that more and more of the time I’m discovering ‘holy grail’ products through the Glossyboxes, and I’m glad that I found this one.

One note, though – there isn’t an inner lid or stopper over the powder for this one, so if you do intend to transport it in a makeup bag, wrap the whole pot in clingfilm just in case. I have a mini-sized pot, so I don’t know if there’s an inner lid to prevent spills on the larger pot (if anyone can confirm or deny, please let me know). Also set it upright as soon as you can and shuffle it a bit to get the powder back down into the pot – if you don’t, and you open the lid, you, your hotel room and whoever you’re sharing the room with will be covered in fine white powder. Trust me, we learned this the hard way!

Disclaimer: The views in this product review are my own. You may not like this product. I have not been paid for this review.


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