A long overdue tidy up

Despite literally having to organise people’s closets as my second job, when it comes to my own room, I’m pretty rubbish at keeping tidy.

Not clean – I clean weekly – but actually having a darn good tidy up.

For some reason I had a burst of organising vibe last weekend and decided to totally blitz my shelves.

These shelves have been rather neglected. They house my DVD collection and various nick nacks – up on the top shelf lurks my Tibetan bell, a sheep bookend and my gold Bugatti Veyron model, amongst other things. Stuff on these shelves tends to get very forgotten about, including DVD’s I literally no longer have any interest in.

And so began the purge.

My DVD collection is woefully small compared to most people’s, but that’s simply because there aren’t many films I want to watch more than once. And during the purge, I got rid of even more. I am happy to report everything on my shelf is now something I will definitely repeatedly watch.

The hanging sign on the left is technically meant to go outside, but this isn’t feasible right now so I have hung it on my shelf using a Command hook – if you haven’t discovered these, get some. They’re strong and when you want to remove them, they won’t mark whatever they’re stuck on.

The little whatnot hanging from the other side of the shelf is Alan. Alan is a facehugger. He was given to me by a former colleague who got an Alien figure and decided he had too many facehuggers, so Alan was rehomed. I’ve had him for years. He’s travelled from job to job with me but I don’t trust the cleaners at my new place, so Alan is staying firmly at home.

Half of the reason I tidied up was to display my Emily’s Cartoons framed artwork. This was given to me a couple of years ago for a birthday gift, but it’s been kept stored because I had no room.

But I made room, so it’s on display now.

The shelves weren’t the only thing I tackled. I also culled my bookshelf.

I am very much an ‘over my dead body’ person when it comes to getting rid of books, but it turns out I had a good few books that didn’t make me happy anymore, so off to the charity shop they are going.

I also had brochure books for the Porsche Panamera and Cayenne – goodness knows why, as both cars are a pipe dream. I think I picked them up at the Panamera launch party a good few years ago and have just kept them for no reason. So they’re gone – the Motoring section of our local charity bookshop will lap them up, apparently! And these were proper books, not just the usual thin brochures.

And finally, I tidied up the bottom shelf of my wardrobe. This is where I keep wrapping paper, envelopes and assorted Christmas stuff. Plus a set of free weights (just some little ones) and a bunch of BTCC crud. Some of that went in the Memory box, the rest (irrelevant posters) went in the recycling. I’m thirty-eight, I don’t need posters.

Having a good clear out and a cull of unwanted stuff is very soul-clearing. I’m not a minimalist by any means, but I don’t believe in keeping anything that’s pointless or has no meaning to me. If it doesn’t make me happy, I don’t want it.

And no, I don’t believe in keeping things because I think I ‘should’. I keep things because I want to, not because I’m worried about offending someone if I don’t keep it.

Thinking like that has really freed me, and removed a lot of pointless stuff (and people, actually) from my life.

I have no idea what brought on this desire to cull my possessions. All I know is that while I have the momentum to do this, nothing is safe.

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