Lockdown 2020: And so she rises…

It’s been more than a hot minute since I wrote a blog post. I’m not even sure if anyone still reads this thing, but if you do, then HI THERE.

Why am I even posting?

Well, I, like the rest of the planet, am currently on lockdown/quarantine/hashtag stayhome for the foreseeable future because someone wanted to eat a weird creature and got a nasty virus.

I know it’s way more complicated than that. But the fact is, here in the UK, we have been told to stay home.

I’ve also been furloughed from my job, which is a polite way of laying people off and still paying them, with hollow promises of still having a job once this is over.

Yeah. I’m taking that one with a very large pinch of salt. I fully expect not to have a job in about three months, but I’ve been here before and I know what to do.

  • The upside of being on furlough means that I have a buttload of time to do… whatever I like. So I’ve done a bunch of things that I’ll be posting about in the coming weeks, including:
    • The great makeup collection purge
      Wardrobe delcutter
      Adventures in baking

    I’ve also decided that I really need to start blogging again. Hence this post. I need to get back in the habit. I need to rebuy my domain! Maybe after lockdown, when I know I have some money.

    Still the same old blog, still the same old Vic. Stay tuned, this blog is waking up again.

    And stay home. And stay safe. I hope you’re all okay xx

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