Lockdown 2020: “But you don’t look sick” – the fun of NHS shielding

The UK government sent out letters when this whole virus thing started to people deemed most at risk from getting the virus, telling them to stay home for twelve weeks because basically if they get the virus, they will get sick and probably die.

I got one of these letters because I take an immunosuppressive drug and obviously I can’t fight any illness as well as a normally healthy person could.

So I’m stuck inside now. Thank the gods we have a garden or I’d be going stir crazy right now.

Anyway I ended up seeing one of our neighbors over the fence and told her I’m in shielding and she said “but you don’t look sick, why are you in shielding?” which then meant I had to explain to her about immunosuppressive drugs. And then after I’d explained she still said “you don’t look ill”.

I really wish people wouldn’t assume that everyone who looks healthy is. I’m typing this from my tablet today because I was too tired to move to my desk and get my laptop. And yes, I look just fine.

It’s a scary thing, having a pandemic going on when you’re a person who has a health problem anyway. My family are being super vigilant about hand washing and bringing stuff in from outside. My Amazon parcel got disinfected before I even touched it. I can’t take the risk.

And it baffles me how… blasé people are being about it. A quick visit to the BBC website will yield any number of stories of people breaking the social distancing rules. Do they not care or do they think they’re invincible? Unless someone super famous and relevant to these people dies, they won’t take it seriously.

For the sake of people like me, or people like my mum who look after high risk people like me, stay the fudge indoors! Or go out but not to somewhere like Richmond Park where billions of other people will also be. Come on. Everyone wants this to be over, most of all the other poor buggers like me in shielding. WE MISS THE OUTSIDE WORLD.

Hopefully the infection rates will peak in the next couple of weeks and then decline. So I can go for a walk again. Even just into the village to get the paper.

When this is over I will be buying a bike and going for The Longest Ride. Who’s with me?

Ugh. I’m glad I have books and a blog to occupy me. Or I’d be crawling the walls.

Stay safe x

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