Lockdown 2020: things we do that we never did before

With our new temporary normal, we’ve had to adjust to doing things in different ways. Especially me. My mum can at least leave the house to go for a run or walk or shopping. Me, I’m not allowed incase one of y’all coughs on me.

So here’s five things that I do now which I’d never even thought of doing before lockdown.

Internet Banking

Yep. I finally sucked it up and got sorted with internet banking. I even use my bank’s app! I never trusted it before but if I want to do anything with money, like pay my mum my rent and bills contribution, I have to. It’s not like I can walk into town to do the thing now, is it?

I am a convert as well. The app is like bloody Fort Knox to log into and it’s so easy to use. I can also keep an eye on my balance better. I like this. My bank will probably now only see me when I pay in my change from my money jar.

Recurring delivery of cat litter

I had to order a bag of kitty litter because I couldn’t get to the pet shop, and it turns out that Pet’s Corner runs a service where you can set up to get the litter delivered at regular intervals. We run out every eight weeks or so, so I’ve set up for a bag to come every eight weeks.

This is awesome. I’m hopeless at remembering to stop at the pet place on the way home from work (even though I literally drive straight past it) and often there is the wail of “oh balls I forgot cat litter again!” so having this recurring thing will stop all that.

Working out at home

I have a gym membership for a fancy gym, which I use about three or four times a week. The gym is closed because virus, so I can’t go.

Solution: home workouts.

My trainer has a YouTube channel and he’s posting daily workouts for his clients, but the gym itself has a Vimeo channel of workouts too. Plus I can do most of what I normally do at the gym because I have a set of weights. Nothing fancy, just some little dumbbells, but they’re weighty enough.

I alternate the workouts I do so I don’t get bored. It’s fun working out at home. Am very missing my spin class though. Very missing. And also having other people around at the gym! You don’t realise how many friends you have at the gym till you don’t see them.

Wine delivery

This is staying after lockdown is lifted. That’s all I’m saying.

Chilling in the garden

I don’t use our garden nearly enough, but being forced into shielding has made me appreciate our garden a lot more. I tend to sit on the patio under our big parasol and read. It’s lovely and we have so much wildlife in our garden. Huge bumblebees, beautiful butterflies and loads of birds. I must use it more.


Have any of you guys been doing things you never found yourself doing before because of the lockdown? Let me know!

Stay safe x

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