Lockdown 2020: broaden your mind

I’m aware there’s a lot of people online berating other people for not using lockdown to learn new skills.

That’s not very chill of them.

If people want to spend their lockdown plopped in front of Netflix or their games console, that’s up to them. Me, I’m restless and not working means my days feel devoid of any substance so I’ve decided to Learn Something New.

Specifically digital marketing. How to get a business online, the dark art of SEO and social media marketing, that sort of thing. I’m doing it via the Google Digital Garage, and actually started it last year until my motivation went south. There’s also a couple of books I’m using as supplements because no matter how good an online course is, I like to crack a book open.

I’ve also dug out my fashion textbooks to refresh my memory and have signed up for a couple of webinars to update my knowledge.

I have to occupy my brain if I’m idle for any length of time. These are things I want to learn, so why not use this time to do so?

I’m also going to pick up my camera again and brush up my skills on that.

But if someone doesn’t want to, don’t give them shit for it. Everyone is different – I have a friend who has no intention of doing any exercise while she’s in lockdown and she’s normally freaking out about not being beach body ready at this time of year. Very much her decision, and that’s cool. Can’t relate, but I’m not going to rail on her for not working out.

I’d be interested to hear if any of you readers are learning something new during lockdown. Let me know in the comments.

Stay safe x

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