Lockdown 2020: daily routine

Even though life is a little weird at the moment, it’s important not to fall into bad habits. A daily routine is necessary otherwise things will feel even more out of control. It wasn’t so bad when I was working at home but being furloughed means my day lost a lot of its structure. So I’ve managed to keep to a sensible routine that helps make the passing of each day a little more tolerable.

6am: pusscat time

In fairness to Dobby, this won’t ever change. 6am is breakfast time for him, pandemic or no. So up I get, and he gets fed. Now it’s light in the mornings I usually let him out as well.

7am: up we get

Shower time! Before everyone else gets up. It’s quite nice to have the time to shower in the mornings before the bathroom descends into chaos. I also get dressed, do my hair and make my bed in this time slot. It’s basically a more serene version of my workday routine.

Normally at 7am on a workday I’d be doing my makeup. I don’t shower in the mornings when I’m on my way to work. There is no time. I have to leave at 7.30. So I very much enjoy my leisurely showers at home .

9am: book time

Depending on how I’m feeling this is when I crack open a novel or do a bit of the online course. Or even tidy up a drawer in my room. As well as reading all the things I’m going through all my stuff and having a long overdue purge.

Cleaning out stuff is very cathartic and actually, it’s nice to have the time to do it properly instead of a couple of hours at a weekend when I’d make a half arsed attempt at it because I’m tired. I figure if I get stuff sorted now, when life does get back to normal, it will be easier for me to keep things in order.

Midday-ish: noms

Lunch! It’s nice to have the time for real food instead of a crap sandwich and be able to eat it at leisure. You don’t realise how hurried workplace lunches are until you’re not having them every day.

I’m also being a bit braver with food too, cooking things I wouldn’t normally. I made sausage ragu yesterday and oh my goodness, it’s good. The addition of a sad leek from the veg drawer not only used the leek up but made it extremely tasty.

2pm: outside we go

I’ve started sitting outside in the afternoons. Mostly continuing with the morning’s reading or studying. If it’s wet I’ll stay inside but we’ve had good weather lately.

We have a patio set with a big parasol and I sit there, so I’ve got a table for putting drinks and my books on. In fact, here’s a photo of my set up:

Very chill. Replace the San Pell with a cup of tea or a glass of vino collapso as the day goes on and that’s me set.

Evening: normal service resumes

I’m basically doing the same things in the evenings during lockdown as I do on a more normal day. Watch TV, make dinner, chill out with a glass of vino. So no change really. I also do my workouts in the evenings, I can’t work out during the day. I don’t know why, it’s what my brain is used to!


A very dull routine for a dull time, but it helps structure the day a bit. I think having meals at the same time and getting up at the same time as I would if I was at work definitely helps.

Stay safe x

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