Product review: Ciate Stamp and Drag eyeliner

We may be in lockdown but that just gives me more time to play with new products I’ve not had a chance to test yet.

Like this Stamp & Drag eyeliner from Ciaté – it came out of a Glossybox and I hadn’t really played with it yet.

I’m not sure of the UK retail price but on the Ciaté website it retails for $19.00 so its a bit up there for an eyeliner in my opinion (I’m a drugstore eyeliner girl, give me a good NYX pencil and I’m happy) but it’s not horrendous, actually, if you consider how expensive some liners are.

Anyway, here’s the description of it from the Ciaté website:

Here’s the stamper end:

And here’s the liner end:

It’s a nice, stiff, pointy tip that is easy to control despite the thickness of the pen. And the shape of it allows you to get a thicker line if you tilt the tip to the side a bit. If you use the very very tip, you can get an extremely fine line.

Plus the thicker pen is actually really useful if you have arthritis in your hands, which I do. On very stiff finger days this is way easier to grip than my skinny NYX pencil. And easier to keep steady as well if you get shaky hands. I’m sure the brand never thought that would ever be something anyone would consider, but as someone who suffers and can’t physically pick up small things sometimes, I do appreciate the fat pen. Same reason I love Real Techniques and their face brushes – fat handles are easier for arthritic fingers to grip.

Moving on from my finger problems, the liner is a very black black. I swatched it on my hand so you can see how black it is:

You can also see the shape of the stamp. For someone like me who is a bit crap with doing winged eyeliner, this thing is a freaking godsend. For the first time I actually had a decent wing on each eye instead of a badly drawn wobble. I will learn how to do freehand wings one day but today is not that day.

The liner is a very good liner. Especially for filling in over lash bands. Because it’s a thicker tip, it’s easier to hide the bands with just one swipe. And the thicker tip is also good on lazy days. Some people don’t have time to faff with liners in the morning and one like this is great for quickly getting a decent line without going back over it too much. When I’m back at work and having to do my warpaint on days when Important Bigwigs are coming in (that’s when the wings are deployed) this will be very helpful.

I’m hooked on this product. I love it. When the stamper runs out I shall be keeping it so I can re-ink it with other liners I own because it’s such a nifty tool. What took me so long to get this in my life, is my only question.

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