Daily makeup routine

*not shown because apparently I was suffering from Lockdown Brain when I did this set up, Urban Decay Primer Potion and Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals.

Ok, so I admit, I’m not exactly wearing makeup at the moment. But when the world is open, and I have to go to work, there’s a go-to set of products I put on in the morning.

I’ve managed to get my makeup routine down to about ten or fifteen minutes. I don’t have time in the mornings to faff – yes I could get up earlier, but mornings are difficult enough, don’t you think?

Anyway, here’s my daily makeup routine to take me from ‘oh god I need more sleep’ to ‘hello sir how can I help you today?’ My office is very much on the casual side, so my daily makeup look is usually paired with jeans, a t-shirt and more often than not, trainers. I like that we can be so laid back at work. It suits me just fine!


NYX Hydratouch Primer & Figs & Rouge Soft Focus Pore Perfect

These are both primers I’ve used for ages, and have found they work beautifully together. The NYX one goes on over my whole face to help my horrible dry skin, with the Figs & Rouge one around my pores to smooth things over. This combination sees me right through the day, and I just hope neither of these get discontinued or I will be very sad.


L’Oreal Infallible Freshwear (shade 20 Ivory) or Maybelline Dream Urban Cover (shade 095 Fair Porcelain)

I’ve listed two foundations here because it very much depends on how my skin is behaving. Mostly I use the Maybelline one, but if I’m having a Really Bad Skin Day, the L’Oreal gets deployed. Both have really good coverage but the L’Oreal one is more forgiving if I’m very dry or have a load of zits speckled here and there. Sometimes I mix them too – that tends to be during my little monthly visit from Mother Nature, when my skin can’t decide what the heck it wants to do, so it just gets hit with both. These foundations are both really awesome and last all day. Plus they won’t break the bank.


Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection concealer (shade 0 extra fair)

My absolute holy grail concealer. Great coverage, never creases, perfect shade. Makes me look like I’ve had eight hours sleep when I’ve only had four (usually because I’ve been up too late reading). I’ve tried many a concealer but keep coming back to this one. And it’s only £4.99. What more do you want from a makeup product?


Luna by Luna Translucent Powder and MAC Blot Powder (shade Light)

I use both of these – the MAC powder is used to powder my cheeks, especially over the Maybelline foundation which doesn’t really set down properly, and the Luna one is for my undereye. They’re both lovely soft powders and are good for dry skin because they don’t sit like some powders do. The Luna one is also a nice under eye brightner because it’s white. And let’s face it, the brighter your under eyes look, the more awake you look. A good thing at work!


MAC Sheertone Shimmer in Trace Gold

Another holy grail. Yes, it’s a shimmery blush, and I know that isn’t everyone’s bag but it’s perfect for me and lifts my complexion nicely. Put some colour back into those dull cheeks!


MAC Big Brow Pencil in Spiked

This is a thick crayon. I’m lazy. Can we all say ‘godsend’? This is not the product to use if you’re bothered about doing individual hairs in your brows, it’s thick. I think it probably works best on people like me who have fairly decent brows anyway and just want a bit of definition. I’ve let them grow out a bit recently and it looks better. This crayon is also the perfect shade for me. Win-win.

Eye primer

Urban Decay Primer Potion Original

I’ve used this for years. Quick to apply, and it keeps your eyeshadow in place all day. I did briefly try a MAC Paint Pot as a primer but I found it just creased like heck, so I switched back to this. I’ve always got one of these on the go and one in my store. Love it.


MAC Amber times Nine or Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals

I flit between these two palettes depending on mood, but Amber times Nine gets used more often. It’s just got the perfect shades I need to do a quick neutral eye look before work. The Revolution palette has some different shades in it for if I want something a bit more shimmery, and obviously I’ve got a ton more eyeshadows for if I feel like matching a lid shade to my outfit, but the fact is that these two get dragged into morning service more often than not.


NYX Slide on, Glide on… in Jet Black

This eyeliner has a ridiculously long name so I put the shortened version of it in this post. It is a wonderful eyeliner and still the only one I’ve found that doesn’t fall off my waterline during the day. It’s not cry-proof (it didn’t survive the Lion King) but it can survive a day at work. Sometimes if I want a bit more of a defined black line on my upper lash line I will use my MAC Brushstroke liner in Brushblack. That’s a great liner, and I think I will be alternating that one and the Ciate one I posted about when I get back to work and doing full makeup again.


Maybelline Lash Sensational in Intense Black

I admit I strayed from this mascara for a bit, simply because Superdrug didn’t have it in stock. It’s odd, my local branch goes from stocking everything I could possibly need to having absolutely nothing I need when something runs out. Anyway, I ended up using L’Oreal Lash Paradise for a bit. Didn’t rate it. Didn’t like the formula or the brush. I can hear the ‘oooo controversial’ noises from you all but not everything works for everyone. I switched back to this Maybelline one as soon as it was back in stock. I love the brush and the formula on this one. They just work for me. Always repurchase!

Setting spray

MAC Fix Plus

Not always used, or always needed, but a quick spritz of this can be helpful on days when my skin is on a mission to dry out. Spritz, spray and out the door I go.


Floss Beauty My New Favourite Lip Gloss

I legit don’t know what the shade is for this one. Sorry! It came out of a Glossybox and I’m obsessed with it. It doesn’t seem to be running out too quickly either. I put this on and then sling it in my bag to reapply throughout the day. It’s just a nice little pink gloss. If I’m having to be really efficient and corporate-fancy, I have a small arsenal of Huda Beauty liquid lipsticks to use, but those days are few and far between.


I can’t believe I do all that in about ten minutes! I guess I’ve just got it down to a fine art. It feels weird to be writing about my daily makeup routine when I haven’t done it in weeks, but reminding myself what I use and just how great the products are is keeping me a little saner in these strange times. It will be a joyous day when I can paint my face knowing that I will be walking out the door, to my car, and heading off to work again.

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