Skin saviours: the Mudmasky range

I can honestly say if I didn’t get a beauty subscription box I wouldn’t try half the products I have tried. I wouldn’t know they exist, and I wouldn’t have discovered a bunch of products that I now use regularly.

Three products that I now absolutely love and rely on when my skin is being awful are from a brand called Mudmasky. Until the Glossyboxes with these in appeared, I had no idea this brand was even around.

I tend to use their products when my skin needs a bit of a kick up the backside. For some reason these products just work really well to save my skin from being terrible, especially in the winter months and during this bizarre lockdown situation. I don’t know why, but as soon as I was told to stay home, my skin went ‘what the hay?’ and turned awful! It got really dry, dull and I had a ton of breakouts. Add to that some pretty hefty steroidal medication at the same time, and my poor skin didn’t really stand a chance.

These three products have saved my skin on more than one occasion!

Sleep Repair Renewal Nourishing Mask

This was the first of the Mudmasky products I got, and it’s become a firm favourite. It’s a leave-on overnight mask, and I use it when my skin is very dull. It’s a bluish kind of gel that smears on clear, smells great and tightens your skin a little when you apply it. You barely know it’s there. Apply, wait for it to dry, sleep on it and wash off with warm water in the morning to reveal much brighter skin. It’s great. I’m running out so I need to get some more, but this is certainly the best overnight mask I’ve used in years and one I intend to continue to use.

Leave-Me-On Winter Mask

Another mask! This one is a little different. This is specifically designed for your skin during the winter, and believe me, I needed it this winter. It works so well on dry skin. It’s another mask that vanishes when you put it on, even though it squeezes out white, and you don’t notice it’s there. My skin is always soft after I’ve used this one. You can leave it on all day or overnight, and just wash it off when you’re done. As someone with dry skin anyway, I’ve used this quite a lot. Not daily (it hasn’t been that cold) but two or three times a week, particularly in December and January. A very chilly trip up to London for a trade fair left me with rather wind-blown skin, despite a coat of makeup, and this mask reset me to some semblance of normal. And while we’ve been in lockdown, it’s been used regularly to pick my face up off the floor.

After-Mask Vitamin Serum

This is a nice serum. I use it even if I haven’t used a face mask. It’s another product that just seems to ‘lift’ my skin. It claims to be nourishing and feed your skin – I can’t confirm or deny because I’m not a scientist, but it’s lovely to put on if your skin is feeling a bit crummy. I wouldn’t recommend putting it on and then putting a moisturiser on top – I tried and it felt a little strange, but use this on its own and it’s just fine. It glides on and my skin always feels amazing after.


These three products really are my skin saviours, and they have been easy to integrate into my usual beauty routine. They work really well when I am having a particularly bad skin day. Or week! They’re my go-to pick me ups and I can’t see myself switching to anything else in the near future. It will be interesting to see how they continue to perform as my skin ages, but for now, they’re just what I need.

You can find out more about Mudmasky here.

This post is not sponsored and all views are my own. I simply love the products!

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