May Glossybox

Another month, another box of goodies from the nice folks at Glossybox!

This month is one of their special edition boxes – ‘Wild Thing’. It comes in two variants, zebra and leopard, and I got the leopard one.

The box itself is pretty snazzy!

I’ll be keeping this one for use as storage for something. It’s way too pretty to recycle. Even the tissue paper is pretty! And another black ribbon to add to my ribbon collection.

As usual there are five items in the box, intended to help me ‘unleash my inner feline’. I assume they’re talking about big cats, and not your average housecat, who is extremely lazy. I write this as the West Surrey Style resident cat sleeps by my feet, snoring. Who knew cats snored, eh?

Anyway, back to the box. What have we got in here?

Steve Laurant Eyeshadow Palette

I do like Steve Laurant makeup. Apart from one of the lip glosses, which I didn’t like the shade of, everything we’ve had in the Glossyboxes from this brand has been rather good. These shadows are no exception. It’s a nice range of shades in the palette, and the formula isn’t half bad either. I’ll definitely be able to make a range of eye looks from these. And I love the leopard print box it came in. Rawr.

Eos Sphere Lip Balm

Eos lip balms used to be a real trendy item. I remember the adverts for them, and they were a bit of a status symbol amongst my friends. I’d kind of forgotten about them until this one appeared in the box. It smells good. Like really good. I haven’t used it as of yet, but I’m sure it’s as nice as it smells. And the packaging is really freakin’ cool. I can see why these were a Thing.

SOS Printed Sheet Mask

This is what the insert card says I should have got. However I appear to have received a different mask from a different brand. No matter, it’s still a sheet mask!

Mudmasky Hair Mask, Scalp Treatment & Miracle Shampoo

Y’all know I love a bit of Mudmasky. I’ve not tried any of their hair products yet but as I even have dry hair, I’m hoping this will be as good on my locks as their masks are on my dry skin.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lip Creme

I’m massing quite a collection of Bellapierre lip products, and I do like them. This is a nice shade called Incognito, and it suits me rather well. It’s just my colour.


So another nice bunch of products from the Glossybox people, and plenty to try out and keep my occupied during the remains of this lockdown and my furlough from work.

If anyone got the Zebra box, let me know what was in it!

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