Back to normal? Sort of.

What even is ‘normal’ these days? Certainly not Dobby, but he’s a special cat.

It’s been hella busy here at HQ. We’ve had a lot going on, so sit back and read while I try and break this down into sensible chunks.


My lovely grandma, she who likes to try and work out what new makeup products are, is not well. No, she doesn’t have Covid, but she’s sick. I won’t go into details but it’s really knocked her flat. We’re all knackered as well because we aren’t sleeping properly. We need to hear her incase she needs help or something so sleep is at a premium in our house. We catch z’s where we can.


I’m off furlough and back working – I started back 1st June, which is wonderful. Yes, I’m still working from home, and for June I was using my dressing table as a desk, so it was a bit cramped and fraught, but it’s nice to be working again. Mum isn’t doing so much remote teaching now so she’s decamped to the dining table and I can have the desk back, so things are easier space-wise. And school breaks up next week, so I’ll be pretty much on my own during the workday. Huzzah!


The stress with Grandma hasn’t helped my situation and I’ve not been totally well. I’m bordering a flare-up, and I just hope I don’t go in to one because no thanks, no more steroids for me please. I’m trying to control it with my diet but it’s hard when I can’t go to a supermarket and buy what I want to eat. I’m at the mercy of the list and Mum doing the shopping.


This has been loosened a bit. I’m still not allowed to go into shops or anything like that, but I have been in shops because I had to. I had to fill up my car and also get my prescription and you tell me how I do either of those without going into a shop (no, the petrol station didn’t have pay at pump, before you facetious smartasses say anything). Guess what, I didn’t die. I’m allowed to meet other people outside so I am doing walks with my friends. I’m still trying to get a bicycle so I can take myself off on long rides and spend less time at home.

But honestly, what I actually want to do is go to Primark, buy clothes, then go to Starbucks for a drink and just have that option without worrying. Stupid health. I’m done with staying at home. Really am.

Hopefully I can get back onto a regular posting schedule. It’s hard with Grandma right now, but fingers crossed things work out.

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