The worst week of my life

It’s really not been a good week.

Grandma was taken into hospital on Monday. She was shuffled around a bit through various departments and consultants and on Wednesday we found out she is absolutely riddled with cancer.

And there’s nothing they can do.

She’s dying.

Worst thing is, we don’t know how long it’s been there. Bloody silent killer. I know she’s 94 but still, it’s not a good way to go.

So she’s in the hospital, is being well looked after, is a favourite amongst the nurses and apparently is ‘as okay as she can be’. We know she doesn’t have long, but she seems happier than she was when she was here. She’ll be moved to a hospice for her very last days, which is a better place to die than a hospital.

She’s finally getting the care she needs. That makes it more okay. It’s still rubbish that she’s dying but y’know, it makes it better that she’s not here struggling.

The other thing that happened was that on Thursday my cat had a seizure.

Yeah. Ever seen a cat have a fit? It’s scary as shit.

So poor old Dobs spent a few hours in kitty quarantine before the vet had a good look at him. Quarantine pen below – he was not happy!

He seems okay – physically nothing wrong, so all we can do is observe. He might need an MRI. I suspect there’s something up in his brain. We’ll see. We have some anti-seizure meds for now, so here’s hoping it was just a one off triggered by stress. After all, one of his hoomans is missing. There were men in big stompy boots and a giant yellow box with wheels outside our house and they took the hooman away in it.

It’s a lot of stress for a little kitty.

So yeah, it’s been a shit week.

What else, universe? What else?

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