And so it continues

For starters, it’s too hot.

That’s really not helping.

So other than sweating to death, how are things going?


Grandma seems to be hanging on in there. She’s not eating so she hasn’t got long left, but she’s still with us for now. She was moved to a lovely nursing home, so she will end out her days there in the countryside.

Dobby is… really not a well kitty. He’s had more seizures, so he’s going for an MRI. I was doing some reading and he’s presenting all the signs of a brain tumour so… ugh. We will see, though.

And me? Well, I’ve been allowed to go back into the office, which is something. I’ve also ordered a bicycle! Local trails here I come. And I’ve got an MRI this month too. It’s routine, so don’t worry!

Maybe when all this bollocks is over, I can get back to posting about makeup. Y’know, like I should be.

Peace out ~

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