Moving on

Beautiful flowers.

Unfortunately they were sent to me because Grandma has passed away.

She died in her sleep on 17th August, so at least she went peacefully. I’m glad it was like that, and she just slipped away. If she’d been in pain or anything I don’t think I would have handled it so well.

I’m a bit bemused by how I’m feeling right now, actually. I thought I’d be more upset than I am. I mean obviously I cried but… I dunno, I feel weirdly zen.

Maybe it’s because we were in limbo for a month. She was in the nursing home and it almost seemed like we were waiting for her to die. That sounds awful now I come to write it but we were, and it was terribly stressful every time the phone rang. We were expecting that call to say she’d died and it was always some automated Amazon scammer. Bastards.

Anyway, she’s gone now. The funeral is in a couple of weeks so we’ll see how I am after that. Losing her is a chance to reset for my whole family. This year has been ass anyway, so now this has happened, maybe we can move on and get on with things.

I’m gradually returning to work. I’ve started going in two days a week and will probably up it to three eventually. I like having the option to work at home but honestly I’m more than ready to get back into the office now. Kind of done with being interrupted by my family!

Dobby is still with us, but he’s not himself. The MRI didn’t turn up anything so he’s on anti-epilepsy drugs for now. He’s very quiet and wobbly. He probably won’t be around much longer but we’ll make sure he’s comfortable during what time he has left.

I’m very done with this year. Hard reset in 2021, right?

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