Revamping an old favourite: saving my Coach handbag from the bin

I’m having a massive clearout at the moment. My entire family is – we have to clear out Grandma’s bits and we’re also taking the time to have a good sort out of our own stuff. My eBay selling list has never been so full, and it feels good.

Clothes and accessories are part of this tidy up and purge. I have finally gone through my handbags after having neglected them for years, and I re-discovered my lovely navy blue Coach bag.

This bag was my first ‘real’ designer bag. I saved up for it for ages and finally buying it was immensely satistfying. It was (note past tense, this is important) a tote bag with two short handles that I wore over my shoulder.

Until one handle started to wear out and was on the verge of snapping.


When this happened originally I basically rage-shoved the bag to the back of my cupboard and went and bought a DKNY one in its place and forgot about it.

Until today!

I found the bag. I also found the shoulder strap. As in, the single shoulder strap that you get given when you buy a posh bag with short handles and never use. Come on, we all do it. I know we do. I have multiple bags like this.

I had a rant to my friend about my Coach bag. She makes shoes, so I wondered if she’d want the bag for leather.

Then I thought ‘well how actually difficult is it to remove the busted handles? I can use the shoulder strap.’

So out came the scissors. Nail scissors, because that’s all I had to hand. And the handles offered no resistance.

Handbag handle

I was a bit surprised at how easy the handle was to remove, but age has probably got the better of the bag, if I’m honest. I can’t recall exactly when I bought it, but I did have it at my last long-term job, which I left in 2017. I suspect it’s even older than that! I want to say 2014, because I have vague recollections of going to pay for my car with this bag.

Anyway. I digress. The offending handles removed, I snapped on the shoulder strap.


And seconds later, we have almost a totally new bag!


I’m so pleased. I basically have a new handbag, which cost me ten minutes work with some scissors (if that) and a leather wipe to clean it off after so long lurking in my cupboard. I also now have a cross-body bag of a reasonable size! I’ve been looking for a hands-free bag about this size, but been unable to find one.

I would say the stars aligned today and not only have I revamped an old favourite, I’ve saved myself some cash and got exactly what I wanted.

Now I’m thinking about if I have any other bags or accessories that I can revamp or revive in a similar way!

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