Work from home blues

I’m still working at home.

Not every day – I am going into the office two days a week, but working at home the rest of the time is really starting to grate.

I miss my colleagues. I miss (weirdly) my commute. I miss the little food van that used to come round the office and the amazing breakfast sandwiches they did, which I would allow myself once a month.

I miss using a proper PC with a massive dual monitor so I can spread stuff over two screens and not have to switch back and forth and back and forth and so on and so on when I need to refer to things.

But most of all, I miss having peace and quiet to work in.

Despite my family knowing that I’m working, they still think it’s somehow okay to walk in and disturb me whenever they want something. Plus there’s also more distractions at home – my cat, the doorbell, the house phone, deliveries, laundry, washing up, and the vague feeling that I should somehow be doing house stuff instead of work stuff because I’m at home.

There also seems to be a strange expectation that now we work from home a lot, we are more productive. Nobody has explicitly said this, but it’s an impression I get. I’m not logging any extra hours, but I seem to be doing more because our customers are doing more, which generates more work for us. The industry I work in is quite seasonal, and Christmas is usually our busy time, but it’s been busy since I came back off furlough in June, basically. This is madness. So the gods only know what the Christmas season will bring.


I hope we’re permanently back in the office next year. And yes, it’s great not to have to haul out of bed on a rubbish rainy day or when you’re not feeling too good, but please, can I have my regular routine back now?

That said, it’s time for another coffee.

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