The importance of comfortable shoes

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

I’ve blogged about this before, I’m sure I have, but it’s about time for an update.

I’m getting older. We all are. Time marches on and there comes a point when your body, specifically your spine and your feet, say ‘no more’.

No more what?

No more shoes that leave your feet in agony.

I’m also not talking about high heels exclusively. I mean shoes in general. There are some shoes that are horrifically uncomfortable despite looking like they should be comfortable.

The worst offenders here are ballet flats and loafers. You would think that they should be incredibly comfortable by their very definition of being flat, but therein lies the (somewhat literal) rub.

Super-flat shoes can be painful. Cheap super-flat shoes can be even more painful. Loafers have a tendency to rub on the back of the heel, as do cheap ballet flats. Also by being entirely flat they don’t have any arch support, so despite appearances they probably aren’t the most comfortable shoe to spend an entire day on your feet in.

I’m getting too old for that.

I’m also getting too old for buying cheap shoes. As I age, and my spine gets more and more objectionable, I find that I spend more on shoes that have proper arch support and will last. I choose my footwear now based on comfort, not style. I have become a Skechers fan, mostly because they do memory foam soles. They have arch support in all of their styles to some degree, and that’s the reason I like them.

I’m also paying the price for wearing ridiculous shoes when I was younger. I used to be a clubber – I was the right age for the era of the superclubs (Ministry, Cream, Gatecrasher etc) – and would often spend entire nights on skyscraper heels that the next morning my ankles would hate me for. I can’t really wear heels now. They hurt too much. I prefer a comfy shoe.

Not an ugly shoe, mind. Comfortable doesn’t have to mean ugly. It just means… comfortable. Although fashion be hanged when your feet are in agony. As I approach forty I realise that you know what, I would rather be comfortable than fashionable. Stylish, but not constricted by what I wear, be it on my body or feet.

Comfortable shoes. They’re a choice that your feet will thank you for.

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