Angus, work and perfect coffees

My ticket to freedom

To clarify, Angus is a bicycle. This bicycle, to be precise.

MY bicycle.

I picked him up this past weekend. He’s a proper off road machine, which means I get to explore the likes of Horsell and Chobham commons from a totally new perspective. And get fit. This was the primary purpose of getting Angus.

Why Angus? Well, he’s a Merida. I’ll leave you to work it out.

Speaking of work, it’s the seventh circle of hell right now. I’m pulling long days just to get everything done. I’m lucky to be in an industry that survived lockdown and is thriving.

The problem is, I’m exhausted. I had a whole winter blogging schedule posted and that’s kind of gone out the window. I’m only writing this post because we got to an appointment half an hour early and I have some time.

And now, the perfect coffee part… if you have a Velvetiser from Hotel Chocolat (not sponsored) you can make the most incredible lattes in it. That is all. It’s perfection every time.

That’s it for now. Back into the depths of Ashford hospital I go, to have many vials of blood drawn. I love my annual big blood test.

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