West Surrey Style is changing!

Title! West Surrey Style is changing from a beauty and lifestyle blog into a more fashion and business focused resource. I am working on restarting my fashion business now that the world is opening up a little more, and it made sense to combine it with the blog.

So this means that The Outfit Angel, my online fashion business, will slowly be phased out. While we’re making the transition to bring everything under the WSS banner, The Outfit Angel will still be up and running.

The smart cookies in my life tell me it will take about a month to migrate everything over to WSS, so by the end of April, The Outfit Angel will be gone and WSS will have a new lease of life.

What does this mean for the blog? Well, the posts will continue. They will be mostly about fashion rather than beauty or lifestyle, so please bear with me while I get into my stride with this.

And please, followers, take a look around at the new site! Currently my portfolio is all that’s up, but there’s a few other pages in the works. Services are being ported straight over from The Outfit Angel, so anyone who’s up for a wardrobe revamp won’t miss out.

Things may look a bit shabby for a while so please bear with us as we work our magic to get the 2021 incarnation of West Surrey Style up and running!

Published by West Surrey Style

Personal stylist, blogger, foodie, cat mummy and petrolhead based in Surrey, UK. Lover of all things local. Crohn's sufferer, Volvo driver, experimental cook and avid reader. Nice to meet you!

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