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It’s been over a year since I wrote a blog post. Bit rubbish, huh? But there’s been a LOT going on, and honestly, I just haven’t had the time or the desire to.

But that’s changing now. Life’s settling down, and I’ve got back into the swing of doing more normal things. And I also had a tooth out recently, which… weirdly seems to have released a load of mental pressure on me.

So let’s start at the beginning and why I stopped posting in the first place, shall we?

November 2020: The great work pile-on

Now before anyone thinks I’m complaining, I would just like to say that I freakin’ love my job, right? I love where I work and the work I do. Last November, however, the perfect storm of everything happened. Ill health, Dobby’s deteriorating condition, looming Brexit and the ongoing pandemic was just… yeah. Blogging fell by the wayside. I was literally existing day to day, trying to take care of myself and an increasingly maddening workload.

Also, the UK had just gone back into another lockdown, and as a high risk group, guess what? I was stuck inside. Again. At least I could go out to exercise. Thank god for Angus.

January 2021: new medication hits me hard

Title. My doc changed the medication I take for my crohns and it took a while to get used to it. My body was a bit like ‘tf is this shit?’ for a while, so cue another bout of sketchy health while I adjusted to it.

February 2021: We lose Dobby

Rest in peace, my darling boy

This is a photo of Dobs in happier times.

All through everything, Dobby was getting sicker and sicker and he lost his battle with his epilepsy on February 17th 2021.

As you can imagine, this hit me hard.

Dobby was my best friend and constant companion, especially through the pandemic. Losing him was a shock to the system, and I wasn’t in the best place mentally for a while.

I miss the little dude. Sometimes I think I feel him jump on the bed, but usually it’s just a plushie falling from above onto me.

Summer 2021: everything all at once

I… don’t really know what happened this summer. It feels like I only came round in September, to be honest. It was a good few months of… I don’t know what. I’m slowly getting all the posts I rage archived back into public view.

Long story short, my head was in the worst place ever. So still no posts.

Oh, and several helpful souls said ‘just start blogging again, you’ll feel better’.

It’s hard to write when you just can’t.

November 2021: Toothgate

So I got a bit stressed at work one day, clenched my jaw and suddenly there was just the most tearing pain through my face. I went to the dentist, he found a hole in one of my teeth.

No big deal. Time for a filling, and the tooth clenching probably just aggravated it.

Oh boy.

Having the filling actually made the pain worse. I went back to my dentist in tears and this Thursday just gone, he yanked the tooth.

I literally do feel like a new woman. The analogy would be that it was like a cork being popped from a champagne bottle. I can’t explain it but it’s remarkable how much better I feel, physically and mentally.

How can losing a single molar totally turn my mental state around?


So… has the removal of the tooth… done something to me? I genuinely don’t know, but I seem to have got my blog mojo back! Hopefully there will be more regular posts. I need a new laptop or an iPad (typing this on my phone, not great) and I realise that yes, I do love blogging. I love writing. Spilling my thoughts onto the screen is what I enjoy.

What can you expect, readers?

More makeup. More clothes. And a lot more bike-related nonsense.

Also, I’m 40 now. I’m officially Old. What do my forties have in store for me?

Vic out. Stay safe ❤

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