Mountain biking: setbacks and suffering

Just… just don’t ask why Sherman was in the living room

Workouts since last post about this: 2

Rides: 1

So in conclusion things… are not exactly going to plan.

I knew I shouldn’t have posted anything about my fitness goals, because basically every single time I do, I get struck down with some kind of illness.

This time round it was a double whammy of a sinus infection and bacterial conjunctivitis. Delightful! I was given some heavy duty antibiotics, an ointment for my eye (better than eye drops by a mile), a sinus rinse… thingy… and a nasal spray. I felt like I was being attacked from all angles, but the outcome would eventually be ‘you’re not sick anymore’.

It worked. I had two weeks of feeling like crap and with a dodgy stomach because of the antibiotics but the three-pronged approach definitely worked. I’m still using the sinus rinse and nasal spray because instructions were to use until the problem has very much gone away (it hasn’t, but it’s improving) but the eye ointment and antibiotics have successfully cured my infections.

So I’m back on the wagon now. Weekly workouts and I am doing my best to go out and ride at weekends. It’s hard because there always seems to be something else going on and because I’m still a bit tired and crap, I can do one single activity on a day and then no more. Multiple activities in a day is a recipe for disaster right now, or at least me being out of action for two days.

Mentally I’m not doing so great either. I can’t explain it in words but I don’t feel right. I feel uneasy, but it isn’t anxiety. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m keeping an eye on it and if I need to take any action, I will.

At least I’m sleeping okay. My head hits the pillow at 9pm most nights and bam, sleep. I don’t wake up unless I need the bathroom or my alarm goes off. This is good, because if I don’t get enough sleep, I’m not a nice person to know the next day.

So progress is slow, not steady. I’m feeling better for the most part, but frustrated that yet again I had a health setback.

Next month’s check in will be better. It will.

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