Favourites and Fails: November

It’s been a while since I’ve had any new products to even be able to write a post about good or not so good (or rather ‘didn’t work for me’) products! Lately though, I’ve come across some products that I have been using regularly and can finally give an opinion on.

All opinions in this post are my own and I am not being paid to big up or throw shade at any of these products, it is all Me.

Favourite: Wishful Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub

This is something I’ve had sitting in my makeup storage for a while. I got a mini of the scrub in a Glossybox at some point, and it was put in my storage basket and largely forgotten about until my old faithful Nip & Fab Glycolic face peel ran out, Boots was out of stock and I needed something scrubby to exfoliate my face.

So I grabbed this to tide me over until my usual scrub was back in stock, and gave it a try.

Good grief. I cannot stress enough how wonderful this product has been for my skin, even from first use. Unlike most face scrubs it’s not gritty. When it’s squeezed out of the tube, it seems like it’s merely a face wash, but as it’s rubbed in, it balls up and as one continues to rub, it takes off all the dead skin and makes my face the softest it’s ever been. I was genuinely amazed – my skin was even softer than it was after the Nip & Fab one, and I was instantly impressed.

It does take a few uses for my skin to get used to a product, so I continued to try this out twice a week and honestly, it’s been that good that I’ve gone out and bought a full size one (pictured) instead of repurchasing the Nip & Fab one. I’ve never had softer skin, and I’ve noticed that after using it, my skin seems to be less dry that it normally is. I’m not sure why (I don’t have a science mind) and quite frankly I don’t care, but it makes me feel so good after I’ve used it that it’s definitely part of my routine now.

Also just look at that packaging. It’s so aesthetically pleasing.

This is going on the ‘Forever Repurchase’ list. It’s not just a monthly favourite and unless my skin starts to hate it or they discontinue it, I will be using it.

Favourite: Redken acidic perfecting concentrate

I finally got my hair cut after eighteen months! My hairdresser used this on me in the salon and HELLO soft, silky, really really nice feeling hair that I wanted to swish around like some kind of princess. I’m not usually one for hair products – I tend to be a ‘wash, leave it to dry and forget about it’ person, but I do wonder if some of that was down to the fact that I’ve been ill for so long and, quite frankly, couldn’t be arsed to give a damn about my hair.

My new haircut is simple – it’s a one length cut with a sharp edge, rather than a blunt cut – and it’s easy to maintain. Using this product hasn’t changed my life but it’s made my hair really soft and because it’s heat protecting, I’ve started actually blow drying my hair instead of just chucking it in a bun when it’s wet and forgetting about it.

My hair is also changing. I’m starting to go properly grey now, and this hair treatment has helped soften the grey bits, which are noticeably drier and a bit coarser than the bits of my hair that are still my usual brunette. I wonder how this hair treatment will work as my hair gets even greyer. It will be interesting to see, and I’ll be buying another tube of it when this one runs out.

Fail: Primark brand candles

These are not good.

Sorry, Primark, I love many things that are available in your stores but these candles have absolutely missed the mark for me.

First of all, the alleged sixteen hour burn time is nowhere near what is claimed. I was lucky to get four hours out of them before they either ran out or drowned themselves in their own wax. Secondly, they’re supposed to be eucalyptus scented. They… they didn’t smell of anything. At all. And no, I haven’t had covid and no, my sense of smell hasn’t broken because I can smell the pine-scented candle I’ve got burning as I type this absolutely fine.

The scent of the Primark candle is strange, though. It’s very obvious when the candle is not lit, but as soon as the candle is lit, the scent totally vanishes. I’ve never experienced that before in a scented candle!

The shape of the jar is an absolute pain in the backside to clean out once the candle is finished as well. We like to get all the wax out of candle containers and recycle them appropriately (or reuse if they’re the right shape or size for other candles we have) but it took entirely too long for me to get these cleaned.

Admittedly I don’t quite know what I was expecting from these. They’re £1.50 but seeing as I can get 25 not-crap tealights from Habitat for £2, I am unimpressed.


As stated above, these opinions are my own!

I have a few products to try this coming month so we will see how those shape up. And it being the end of the year, I have some stuff I’ve been using all year to share my opinions of.


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