Top five songs on my New Year’s Eve playlist

I’m not going out tonight.

I fully intent to be cuddled up in bed by 9pm, and maybe come round at midnight for a glass of fizz and to watch the fireworks on television.

As I’m the opposite of a party animal, I like to rock out in the peace of my own bedroom. Here are five songs that I absolutely loved in 2022 and will definitely be listening to tonight.

The Moonflower Society – Avantasia

Nothing to do with the song, just a neat photo

This song is about partying at night. I’m willing to let these guys party in my stead, and this song is a cracker. Tobias Sammet is a genius, and if you’ve been sleeping on his Avantasia project, I highly recommend you find it on your chosen listening platform and binge it from the beginning.

Oh, and this song has the most gorgeous music video I’ve ever seen. I’m not going to link any videos here, so do look it up on YouTube.

The Unkillable Soldier – Sabaton

Tommy (Sabaton guitarist)

If you’re unfamiliar with Sabaton, you are very much missing out. Described as the bards of our time, they sing about historical events and historical figures, so not only do you get absolutely banging music, you learn something too.

This song is about Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart, possibly the most ‘hold my beer’ man to ever have lived. I’m not kidding you, the guy was a real life Captain Scarlet. There’s a reason why this song has the title it does.

Since I discovered this song, I’ve started saying ‘it’s time to Sir Adrian this shit’ if faced with a difficult task. I find his story kind of inspiring.

Gosh, what a ramble. Just listen to the song! And watch the music video, it’s quite amusing in places. Be warned though, there is blood.

Gimme Gimme Gimme – Feuerschwanz

I couldnt find a gif of the folk metal band so here’s the OG’s!

This is a folk metal cover of my favourite Abba song and honestly, I prefer it to the original. I hear you all gasp in horror but I an very much a metalhead (yes, I do still love Abba though, shush) and this version really hits the spot. The video is… weird… but as with all the songs on this list, I’ll let you find that out for yourselves.

While you’re over there, check out these guys’ cover of Blinding Lights. Another absolute corker that I think is better than the original.

The Widowmaker – Carpenter Brut

Watch the video, then this will make sense

This tune is mega. It’s one of those that makes you want to dance around your bedroom, or if you’re driving, crank it up and wind the windows down. It makes me want to act like an absolute asshole (actually, cruise around in my car blasting this song and looking threatening) and that’s not me in the slightest. There’s an attitude to this song that I can’t explain – it smacks you in both ears and gets you moving. Then it ends, and everything seems so mundane. It’s one of those songs that you listen to until you resent its existence. That’s what I did. I listened to it on repeat (actually the entire album it’s from) for days and then didn’t want to hear it again. It’s one of those songs.

I liked the video too. There’s some clever use of glitter in place of blood. If I ever go to a costume party, I’m dressing as the dude from the video.

Crashing – Neon Nox

I love typing ‘synth’ into gif libraries and seeing what I get

From their album ‘Payback’ this has some serious old Ibiza vibes. It’s almost euphoric trance in a way, with ethereal vocals and a calming beat in the background. It evokes hot summers, sand, sunglasses and the heat of a nightclub.

As someone who was lucky enough to experience the era of the superclub (Gatecrasher was my local) this song took me right back to that dancefloor. Marvellous.


Whatever you’re doing this New Year’s Eve, I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time. Please drink responsibly, stay safe and party till it’s 2023!


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