Friday prompt

What activities do you lose yourself in?

Read. Read everything, everywhere.

Reading is my ‘lose yourself’ activity. I can open a book and then look up and it’s four hours later. I’m an avid reader and always read for half an hour before bed, but weekends are when I get to properly lose myself.

I read everything as well. I am currently on a Scandi thrillers kick, and when I’m done with that obsession, I’m going to finish reading the book about the Dambusters that I started, got distracted by shiny things halfway through and still haven’t finished. It looks at me guiltily every day. I know you’re there, book. When my brain can cope with more than light crime fluff, I will read you again.

Give me a good book and you can keep me quiet for hours. All I ask is that you remind me to eat and drink and occasionally turn me towards the sun.


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