Sunday Prompt

How would you rate your confidence level?

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My confidence level? Depends on what I’m doing, really.

On the daily, it’s probably about a 9. I’m lucky enough to be old enough to not give a flying eff about what people think of me, and I genuinely think that kind of self confidence comes with age because when I was in my twenties, I would have given many effs and spent too long in front of a mirror fussing. But now, in my early forties, I don’t care if my hair is a mess or if I’ve not got makeup on or if I’ve got fuzzies on my sweater or there’s mud up the back of the leg of my jeans – if people are going to nitpick how I look, they had better be perfect themselves.

I’m also pretty confident at work. Working in customer service for twenty years does instill a strange kind of confidence in you, although I could just be jaded. I can talk to anyone and handle anything that work chucks at me, so bring it, guys. What is on the bullsh*t plate for me today? I’m kind of known at work for not giving a single eff when one of my customers kicks off. That again is age and experience, and I try to explain this to my much younger colleagues when they ask me how I stay so calm when a customer is being difficult.

Now on the flip side… if you ask me to play my guitar for you, my confidence will drop to negative one. I’m not a bad player, not at all, but I suffer from that strange syndrome most instrument players have that when someone asks us to play, we forget everything we’ve ever learned. Bashing out the main riff from any song in private, fine, as soon as someone asks me, I can’t even count to potato.

So yes, confidence levels VERY much depend on what I’m doing. On that note, nobody ask me to play anything for them ever because I will freeze up and probably cry ;-;


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