Final Thoughts: The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid Serum

I love recap posts because I can just reuse the photos I originally used. That’s not lazy, that’s efficient.

Anyhow, it’s high time I shared with you my final thoughts on this product. I originally started using it back in January, and my initial impressions are listed in First impressions: The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid serum.

Now I’m almost at the bottom of the bottle, I’m very sure about my opinions about it.

The packaging freaking sucks and I will die on the hill that this is one of the worst lids on a bottle of anything ever. I ended up snapping the lid off at the hinge to keep my sanity. A minor thing, you may think, but I like lids to open properly flat or come off, not sort of hang about at a weird angle that stops me from dispensing the product the way I wish to on my hand. Snapping the lid was immensely satisfying, I won’t lie, and it made life a lot easier.

As for the actual product, I do like it. It’s been really good for my skin, which has been incredibly dry of late (more so than it usually is), and when teamed up with my usual Elemis Marine Cream, it’s kept my skin nice and hydrated. I skipped using it for a couple of days because I briefly misplaced the bottle, and I definitely noticed a difference. Luckily I found it hiding underneath an eyeshadow pallet I had tossed in my makeup box in a rush, and I could start using it again.

It’s a product I would repurchase. I’m going to see if I can get hold of The Ordinary’s equivalent product to give that a try, but if it’s out of stock then I’ll pick up another bottle of this. There are a few hyaluronic acid serums out there, and I’d like to try a couple more to make an informed opinion on which of them is the ‘best’ (for my skin) but I’d honestly be happy with this one if no others were available.

If they could change the packaging to a dropper bottle, I think it would be an even better product, but I get that companies are trying to save money where they can, and it does count as a budget serum. I will report back if I get to try any others, and let you know which one I’ve decided to make a regular in my routine.


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