4th April prompt

What are your morning rituals? What does the first hour of your day look like?

Not my room, but I like the purple throw

The first hour of my day is always the same.

Wake up, fumble for glasses. Find glasses, inevitably smudge fingerprint on lens.

Clean glasses. Go to bathroom. Try not to fall asleep on toilet while crohns does what it does every morning.

Finish ‘business’. Brush teeth, mouthwash. Wash face – I’m trying out a new facewash at the moment so regular readers, expect a review of that shortly.

Shower. Quick body shower, I don’t have time to wash the mane of a morning. And why don’t I wash my face in the shower, you ask? The water gets too hot and hurts my skin. I’m a sensitive soul.

Wrap self in towel and shuffle back to bedroom. Sit on bed for ten minutes and faff with social media (that’s when I usually answer these prompts but I was running late today). Dry self. Begin dry-ass skin moisture ritual.

Slather self in body moisturiser and massage until absorbed. Get dressed.

I have a particular way of getting dressed. Underpants first, then socks, then trousers. Then bralette, pause to spray deodorant into armpits, t-shirt, jumper. I’ve always dressed like this. I assume that was how my parents used to dress me when I was little and I picked up the habit when I could fend for myself.

Brush hair and decide if it’s a bun day or a ponytail day. Today was a bun day, I had to go into the office and was feeling a bun to keep the mane in check.

Apply skincare routine. I won’t go into detail here.

Shuffle downstairs. Hunt out breakfast.

Then depending on if I’m due in the office or working from home, either disappear into my home office or grab my stuff and go to work.

I have a very boring morning. But I’m just fine with that.


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