Good Friday Prompt

What Olympic sports do you enjoy watching the most?

The equestrian sports, especially dressage because back when I had a fully functional body, that’s what I used to do. I’m always in awe of the way that horse and rider seem to be one, and do miss the days when I had that same feeling with one very special horse.

I’m not so into showjumping or eventing, mostly because I never enjoyed doing them myself, although I do admire the skills of the riders.

I enjoy the cycling events too, mostly the track cycling and also the mountain biking. Track cycling is super fun to watch – the speeds they go! And obviously being a very amateur XC rider, I enjoy watching people far more talented than me riding their bikes way better than I ever will.

When the 2012 Olympics were on, I actually went to watch the road cycling race live. It went through a town near where I lived, so I got to see it in person. Unfortunately the race happened three days after I had had a car accident, so I was absolutely looped out on codeine to help with the pain of whiplash. My friend who came with me said that when she asked me what I wanted to eat after the race had gone through, I yelled ‘CHICKEN!’ then promptly fell asleep on our picnic blanket until chicken was obtained and I woke up to eat it. I do remember that there was a big screen in the rec ground and loads of food stands. I also somehow managed to take a bunch of photos of the race as it went past, but I really don’t remember much else.

I’ve been assured I had a great time. I’m just going to take my friend’s word for it.


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