Lazy Sunday prompt

How do you use social media?

This question is a perfect example of why the English language is ridiculous and why people who speak other languages who try and learn English often get frustrated.

My first thought when I saw this prompt was ‘are they asking us to explain how social media works or do they want us to tell them how we personally use social media?’

Then I had a cup of tea and decided they meant how we personally use it, so here’s my answer:


I’m literally rubbish at social media. I do have an Instagram account but I post when I remember and post just whatever. People go on about ‘building a brand’ but I much prefer just posting random crap. I’ll never be famous or popular online so why stress out?

I don’t use Facebook because my so-called ‘friends’ aren’t really my friends so what’s the point – it’s funny how when I stopped using it, literally two people kept in touch with me. I won’t use Twitter because… well, do I have to explain? TikTok is for young people and I just don’t understand it, which makes me realise how my mum must have felt when I tried to explain Vine to her.

I do use Reddit but I mostly lurk around the paranormal boards there and don’t post, and I’m not sure if Reddit even counts as social media.

I adore Pinterest and can while away an hour scrolling through pretty things quite easily.

I’m really not very good at this social media thing.


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